PDF Data Merge

We will be implementing Suite CRM for a client that has more than 100 PDFS. They want their customers to be able to easily mail merge data from their user account and custom fields to the designated fields in the individual PDFS and be able to print them. Is this possible with Suite CRM?


Hi. I need some clarifications here… do you really mean “customers”? Or is it “users”? What I mean is, you need this feature for users who log in to SuiteCRM, or for customers on some external portal?

Then: what are these PDF’s for? To print, to send as attachments?

Basically SuiteCRM has two different things that could fit here:

  • Email templates, which do not produce PDF, but can be used to generate nice looking emails with specific variables from the database, to send to customers.

  • Print to PDF feature in some modules (for example, Contacts) that generates PDF’s, can include variables from the database, but then you have to know what you’re going to do with the file.