Passwords Module?

I do a lot of web design and for customer I typically keep a lot of password and login information. I was considering moving this onto SuiteCRM and just creating a password module to associate the logins and passwords with the project and the client. HOWEVER… obviously security is a concern.

Is this a bad idea? Are there things I can do to make the password fields more secure, etc.?

Just kind of looking for ideas and a discussion at this point.

Mhm, hard to say. I personally wouldn’t store important passwords unencrypted (if your Suite is running on a public webserver).

Maybe you could set up a nextcloud next to suite and use something like this:

E: found this in the store, but I haven’t seen anything related to encryption:

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This wasn’t merged, but it could be used…

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Thank you so much! I learned alot from your comments and also reading the thread about the encryption field. The encryption would be a great addition to SuiteCRM in the future. Kind of worried about implementing it now if the encryption is changed in a future release. I’ve got like a thousand passwords and I’d hate to have to re-enter them all if the field gets implemented with a stronger encryption method.