Partial Uninstallation

Hey community,

Need help in partially uninstall each package.

I have 2 products (let’s say X and Y ) ,each consists of 5 modules.

Out of 5 in X ,2 modules (let’s say A and B ) are core which will required for Y.

C,D,E are related to X only.

My product will be uninstallable which will uninstall all 5 Modules, which I don’t want as A and B can be Y as well.

I want to Uninstallation process don’t uninstall A and B, as an instance can have my other products (Y) which need A and B.

Any clue to stop A and B if a user is going to uninstall X or Y.

Any Help will be highly appreciated.

The only option you have is remove files manually because when you create package with multiple modules, it will store few information like Bean Definition etc. in single file.
The file related to module that you are about remove can be exist at

  1. custom/Extension
  2. custom/modules
  3. custom/metadata
  4. modules