Partial migration Sugar 6.5.15 -> 7.1.3

I followed the directions in the Wiki about upgrading and used the upgrade wizard.

Some of my set-up has the SuiteCRM theme. However there are still a number of items that show the old theme. :frowning:

I don’t used any custom modules.

Just did a Quick Repair again and this hasn’t fixed things.

What do I have to do to get a consistent SuiteCRM theme?

Could this be caching the old theme somewhere?

Hi Nuke,

Most certainly caching. Ensure correct permissions are set, run a repair and rebuild and then clear your browser cache.

Failing this, if required, you can remove the ‘Sugar5’ theme from the themes folder.



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Thanks, Will.

It looks like that fixed most of the problems.

I have 2x Classic theme and no Sugar5 theme. I’ve tried to remove one of the Classic, but it always goes back into the enabled list. This is strange.

Hmm. I was able to move the not default Classic (one of the two in the list) to the disabled. Perhaps that will fix this.