Will PandaDoc work with SuiteCRM?



I guess that has to be a question for them to answer…

But I would say that if they support SugarCRM 6.5 CE, there is a high likelihood that most of the integration will work with SuiteCRM, but maybe not everything.

Asking them for SuiteCRM support has the additional advantage of making them a favor: nudging them to let go of that old, dying, proprietary software called SugarCRM, and moving into the exciting world of a growing open-source vibrant project called SuiteCRM.

(did I just get carried away with my bias? Happy new year everyone :slight_smile: )

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Hi Devin,

If you are still looking for an answer to this or anyone else looking for it.

Please check this video here for a working demo of Pandadoc with SuiteCRM.

To get the addon for your SuiteCRM instance please feel free to reach out.

Ideadunes Team
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