Painful Opt Out process - Opted Out flag is not updated

We have a few complaints from users that they have opted out but still getting messages.

We have been maintaining a target list manually after every campaign… It seems impossible to maintain an accurate list of optouts from 30+ campaigns… and people keep opting out every day… and we need to go to all campaigns and update the list every day? We have also seen a scenario that adding to opt out link is not working all the time by the total…

How to update the opt out flag?

How do we exclude opted out and bounced emails for every campaign going forward?


What is your SuiteCRM version?

Are you sending the opt-out link inside the emails? If so, people can just click it and SuiteCRM should take care of all the rest. Or is there something not working in this process?

See the full text here:

This applies in general also to SugarCRM CE and to SuiteCRM.

However in the linked page there are also some features that are unique to SugarCRM Professional.

Suite CRM Version 7.10.7 (Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)).

We are running email campaigns and opt-out link is created in every campaign, adds the contact to Out-out section but contact is not updated… Should I upgrade?

Well, this is not working as mentioned above. Could be a bug in SuiteCRM 7.10.7?

Both @pgr and myself have asked you for some information in just a few minutes after your first post and you respond after one week with almost no signifiant information for a diagnosis.

It could well be a bug but, before reaching such a conclusion we need to reach a diagnosis.

You should provide detailed information on the case scenario in order to try to replicate your issue.

For example:
. all errors in your logs that may be related to the issue
. the full and exact steps to reproduce the issue

With respect to this last point you didn’t specify if the Campaign was of Email type or of Newsletter type (you generically said “We are running email campaigns”, without specifiying the type of email campaign because both are sending emails!, even non-email based type can send emails).

Regarding opt-out link, the Campaigns module adds one opt-out link automatically if you don’t add one manually.
When you say:

Can you be more specific? with the precise sequence that you are following to achieve this? There are several ways to do it and, maybe it doesn’t work because you are not doing it in the correct way. Or maybe it’s a bug.

When you say:

I am not sure I understand precisely what you mean. As a guess you are talking about the Campaign TrackDetailView (Status view) in the opted-out subpanel.
Have you read the SugarCRM manual and the page I linked to you from SugarCRM. If I remember well, under certain circumstances, you have to do some further action to achieve a full opt-out.

If you want to have a look at the code that delivers the emails and that should take care of opt-outs as well as suppressions for duplicated email addresses or other reasons (like suppression target lists) you should check the following files:


I had a look at these two files and, at first sight, I am also inclined to believe that the refactoring of these files to include opt-ins has indeed introduced some bugs (or omissions). But this needs further investigation!

Now emails seem to be sent by the new function sendOptInEmail, which in turn calls another new function, sendOptInEmailViaMailer.
Neither of these seem to be taking care of opt-out option.

However this is not a conclusion because I only had a very quick look at the code and I am not sure I understand all it does.

If you have time you should look at it. Maybe you can try testing a mock campaign to non real targets by using the old versions of these two files (7.8.x), but they may fail, and post a bug issue in gitHub if your test with the old versions demonstrates that there is in fact a bug.

Last but not least: you ask:

I have checked the latest versions and the parts of code I looked at seem to be almost if not completely identical, so I am inclined to believe that an upgrade will not solve the issue.

Another scenario… I see that Opt-Out flag is checked for the user, but CRM is still sending emails. Thanks