Pagination in Global Search (SuiteCRM latest version 7.12.8)


I was using SuiteCRM 7.10 where the pagination in global search is applied w.r.t modules.
But later on, I upgraded the SuiteCRM from 7.10 to 7.12.8 and realized that the behavior of pagination in global has changed and the pagination is applied to records regardless of modules as per the view.

But still, the pagination is not working even in the fresh SuiteCRM instance 7.12.8 and it shows all records on one page.

So I need help to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance.

hi ,
i also facing the same problem then i found a solution .
here i changed the file (modules\Home\UnifiedSearch.php) from previous version SuiteCRM-7.11.22 it doesn’t affect any other features .
to remove BULKACTION -make a change in (include\ListView\ListViewPagination.tpl )


{ if $actionDisabledLink ne "" }<div class='selectActionsDisabled' id='select_actions_disabled_{$action_menu_location}' style='display:none;'>{$actionDisabledLink}</div>{/if}

Thank you @farhanbuhari2000. :slight_smile:
Let me try this one.

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pls let me know the result.
i have also added some other changes in my file .

Hi @farhanbuhari2000,

Great! It’s working fine.
Actually, we activated the older version of Global Search with this solution. right?

It’s a better solution until we are able to fix the actual bug.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Can you please also let me know the updates that you have made?

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