Pages Scrambled / textual / Graphics not loading correctly on most pages including homepage

After install, I am unable to really see the dashboard or other internal pages.
Come of the pages work just fine, but the majority show, as in the attached screenshot, are textual only.

Any reason for why?

This could be down to the stylesheet not loading properly.

You could press CTRL and F5 key to do a hard refresh to try and download the stylesheets. (This key combination is Windows, I think it is the same as Linux and Apple).

If that doesn’t work, as it might not because it is a frame, then try right click (in the distorted area), and press CTRL when clicking Refresh Frame.

This is what happens when ownerships/permissions are not set correctly. There are hundreds of threads here in the forums with similar issues.

Were you able to fix this issue ? If so could you please let me know the steps. I have tried hosting the SuiteCRM in Plesk in a webserver and facing the same issue when i land on the home page.
Does any one have solution for this ?