Pagebreak when product does not fit in page

I am running on Version 7.10.25 and I created a pdf template for the quote module template contains product title, product desciption and product image, problem is that if a product does not fit on a page the it breaks the tilte on one page and the rest of the product on the second page. (see screenshot)
What do I need to do so that if a product does not fit it move the whole product to the other page

Thanks for your time

I don’t think this is possible. The most you could do would be to manually insert a page before the product break if you thought it was necessary.

If your manual page breaks mysteriously disappear, then apply this simple fix:

This will be included in the next version.

I was mostly hopping to use something like page-break-inside:avoid, but cant seem to make it work

A “Print as PDF” function is not a full “PDF Editor” function… I’m afraid there is no way to apply formatting to parts of the output.

Unless you customize the PHP code, of course. I don’t know how to do it though.