Page Break Doesn't work in Quote PDF builder

The page break does not work in order to decide when the PDF print out should separate pages. I have tried using the workarounds I’ve found on this fourm however none of them work well. How can we completely 100% make sure a PDF print out will break the page and start a new page when creating Quotes printing to a PDF?

Thank you!

Which version is this?

Have you seen this issue: ?

Version 7.11.2

Yes I had seen that and also tried the workarounds however had had no luck as the page break gets removed every time you save and does not function to break the page upon render.

So does anyone have a Fix for this issue? It seems like it was broke before got fixed then got broke again after switching PDF modules used for rendering. This is makes using the system to generate quotes for customers extremely more difficult having to reedit PDF files after you print them just to get page separation.


Yes the PDF Page breaks are not that good. One suggestion is to Put all the line items in a separate page but that will make the Header page a bit empty right?

One this what i tried was to do Hit and Try on Displaying the Number of line items in my PDF templates which will make the First page look great, and then Force a line break in the Code that i generating the PDFs (core file at modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/generatePdf.php. Its entrypoint can be customised so move this to custom/modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/generatePdf.php and modify the entry point to point at this custom file. )
So its more of a custom coding for each Template based on its Template ID.