Outlook plugin which port open for firewall?

Hi everyone,

Im running SuiteCRM in my office on separate server and Im using the Outlook SuiteCRM plugin to sync my data. Thus far everything works great!

At the moment the CRM is only accessible when Im at the office and plugged into my local network. I would like to make it publically accessible when Im traveling so I can record data. It looks like the Outlook plugin is only using port 80 (http) is this correct? Or do I need to open up some other special port on my firewall to access it remotely?


Hi lespaul,

If you are running the API on HTTP then it would be port 443. You would also need to add the licence validation server at https://store.suitecrm.com/.


Just have in mind that if you forward any port from your router to server your CRM will be accessible to anyone that knows the External IP(or any domain assigned) of your router and also automatically your server will be exposed to the entire internet and eventually be a target for attacks.

It would be better if you used a VPN to connect to your LAN instead of port forwarding. It will a bit more complex to implement but it is much safer.

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Thanks so much for the recommendation. I will definitely do that. Its actually running off a little RaspberryPi - love those lil things! Thanks again.