Outlook Plugin - waiting..for closing down ? Bugs and slow ?? for the makers of SuiteCRM !

I have a few days ago installed the SuiteCRM 7.6.4 local installed and Plugin for Outlook, I paid USD 50 by Paypal, if I continue after
the 30 days trial. (Why asking Visa/Paypal payment,even if one month later effective)

I have Win10,a very very fast Computer 2.8 Ghz and 8 GB Ram.

“it worked” but that’s all I can say, but after going to other program.or shutting down, it take 10-15 minutes with this
coloured bar:

************ SuiteCRM Plugin waiting for closing down…******************* ( or similar text)

Why is that, I dont see any advantage,on the contrary,… my normal working (without Plugin) Outlook 2013 and clicking on email, wherever I get the outgoing Outlook, with my own signature. I managed to make a Word to Html converter (free on internet) and pasted that in the left box. of the default Suitecrm email system It worked but after some hours, my Pictures in the signatues are diappeared and I get the text without pictures… Bug?

Thanks for replying.

Just a question: if you’re installing now, why go for 7.6.4? It’s a very old version and actually came out before the current Outlook Plugin was released. So it could be untested on that set up, I don’t know.

There’s a separate GitHub for the Outlook plugin, you can report errors there. You can also report them on the Store, you payed for it, you are entitled to support.

By the way: I think the way it works regarding the payment is this: you don’t try it free for 30 day, you actually have to pay for it. What you do get is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so they will reimburse you if you don’t like the add-on.

I installed the 7.6.4 already some long time ago.It is working OK. I did upgrading sometime ago to higher/latest version, with the new GUI, but inspite of my questions on the FORUM about pictures (after upgrading) nobody seems to know / reply.
So I stick to 7.6.4 with my thousands of persons/product pictures.

If I install a fresh and lastest version, from scratch then ONLY I can insert pictures, but that takes some 2 weeks work to insert all the images again.
THERE WAS NO indication from what version the Plugin is working properly. They should said. from 7.xxx version onwards.
Meantime I cancelled my Plugin. for Outlook as the present answer is not a satisfactory .
anyway thanks.