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Outlook plugin v1.1.07 0 is it still available

Hello and apologies in advance as I am a complete newcomer to Suite and have just joined a company that has been using Suite for several years. We have upgraded servers and a mirror copy of SuiteCRM was made on the new server. However the Outlook plugin is not working since the server changed, emails are not being archived. We are using v1.1.0.7 of the plugin which I think is a very old version, no idea why but I wonder if it was because it was free and I believe you now have to pay for the latest versions. Anyway we don’t have the files to reinstall v1.1.0.7 (we have the files for users to install the plugin) but I believe there are other files that are needed to install in Suite i.e. an Outlook email Module. Are those files still available anywhere or do we need to use v4 of the plugin. Thanks so much, unfortunately we don’t have much expertise about this so I am trying to work stuff out!! Any assistance greatly appreciated!