Outlook Plugin - SuiteCRM-Outlook-Plugin v (error - attached screenshot)


I love the look and feel of SuiteCRM vs Sugar but having a few issues one of them is when I try to use the plugin I get this error.

Any help would be appreciated.


Is your URL a valid URL?

Did you enter your user credentials and click Test?

Hi Will,

Yep - It’s the URL I use to login to tried http://www.domain.com/SuiteCRM and http://www.domain.com/SuiteCRM/index.php

Throws the error as soon as I hit test or save.

Thanks for the reply.

Any other suggestions anyone please?

wondering if there’s a fix to this at all?

“Unable to connect to SuiteCRM” is a good clue.

I’ve got the connector working successfully between Outlook 365/2013 & SuiteCRM locally hosted.

So I know it works :slight_smile:

Your issue is possibly going to be a communication between the two & I’d start with any local firewall. Then perhaps a look at running a repair in the admin of SuiteCRM & possibly see if you have any control over the permission settings for your Web Host.

I’d be surprised if it’s a SuiteCRM fix as such.

Hello all,

I was able to get the plugin to connect by reducing the length of the pwd from 15 to 12 characters and using only alpha upper and lower case, which it seems to prefer. Perhaps that information can help some of those who are having difficulties with this particular issue.

However, now the issue is how do we get it to exchange information? None of the emails are showing up in the app server side;


Reporting back on this subject, I can see that there has to be a corresponding field on the crm server for Outlook to send emails to. It would be really helpful though if there were a document on the plugin and how to configure it.

The software it self rocks though! So far so good.