Outlook plugin for Mac?

As a Mac user I would really love a plug-in for one of my email apps, be it Mac Mail or MS Outlook. Obviously very few Mac extensions exist for either of these clients, and a lot of people claim it cannot be done. However, looking at Zoho’s website today, not only do they support Macs natively, but there is also an Outlook for Mac plugin: https://www.zoho.com/crm/help/outlook/install-plug-in-for-microsoft-outlook.html#Download_and_Install_Mac

Does anyone know what is involved in building such a plugin for SuiteCRM?

I’m content to use Thunderbird, which is quite elegant on the Mac with the “right” selection of add-ons… Hope that helps for what it’s worth.

I’ve tried Thunderbird a few times and found it to be a relatively nasty experience. Perhaps I’m just doing it wrong.

I’ve just read the email sent out today about a new plugin coming for Outlook. Are there any plans for a Mac Mail plugin yet?


This isn’t something on the roadmap. Currently the only offering being developed is for Outlook. We welcome any contributions for other mail clients.

Thanks Will.

I believe the Mac Mail plugin concept must be possible in theory - this page shows how to build one for saving emails attachments from Mac Mail into Evernote.


Unfortunately I don’t have the programming ability to adapt it for use with SuiteCRM. Perhaps someone could point me in the right direction?


In the year since these messages posted have you considered integrating Apple mail? We are looking at ZoHo but mail integration is VERY important as is calendar integration.

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This may not be the answer you are looking for but we use Outlook and Opacus.
We used this when we were with SugarCRM and on windows, then all of us changed to MAC (2 years ago) and we still use the same thing.
1 We do not use Outlook for many reasons, But generally too much overhead, does not work with MAC or Linux without special version
Thunderbird on a MAC is fantastic and with Opacus and SuiteCRM it is perfect.
All mail that arrives in the inbox is checked and Auto Archived, then it turns the color of the Subject line in the INBox another color.
If you have trouble with TB on Mac just contact us we will help you for free.

We are a MAC Shop and use Thunderbird and Opacus - It works great

Sorry 24Data - as I said previously, the Thunderbird experience is appalling. Then there is the small matter of sacrificing all the OS-integrations that Apple Mail offers to swap for a vastly inferior tool.

I would consider moving to Outlook for Mac, but not Thunderbird.

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