Outlook Plugin 3.0 Key Issues

Hello all,

I have downloaded the Outlook Plugin 3.0 from github and installed it successfully.

I am currently setting up and testing suiteCRM Beta, so for now, I’m not happy to pay for a license, although eventually I will need and want to because I’d like to support the project (So far- I love suiteCRM and I use outlook as my desktop email app - and who wouldn’t want to show support for a project that has saved me from buying expensive CRM!) and I do not code, so for me, an updated and automatic installation is ideal. But really, I want to test it out fully while I’m customizing and adapting suiteCRM to my needs. I’m not even working at the moment so the system is a test only, so I don’t want to download the free trial of the plugin yet as I’m just trying the whole system out for now.

However, upon installing it successfully, I’ve got it running perfectly within outlook and it’s connected to my server perfectly, but it is asking for a license code, even though it was free and open source to test?

What do I need to do? Is there something really obvious here that I’m missing?



The SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v3.0.0 + (currently at v3.0.3) is an open source LGPLv3 licensed plug-in. All the code is freely available.

You can acquire the code directly from the GitHub repository, compile it, modify it and use it at no charge. Though Github versions do not come with any support or warranties and may not always be the latest version.

You can also purchase a licensed and supported version of plugin that will work out-of-the-box from the SuiteCRM store(this includes the setup.exe). Purchased versions are fully supported by the project and regular updates will be available to licensed users. This provides a 30 day tree trial.

You can purchase licenses here:

You can view the User Guides for installation here:

The revenue from the license purchases are used to maintain, extend and improve both the Outlook plugin and core SuiteCRM.

Hope this answers your question.