Outlook Plugin 2.0 Beta won't install


I tried to install the Outlook Plugin Beta. During execution of setup.exe, I’m getting the message
“This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor.”

I’m running Outlook 2016 on Windows 7 (32 bit). Is 64 bit required to install and run the plugin?

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Was there any response to this? I need it to work on 32 bit Windows machines as well.

Can you provide print screens, and also the spec of the hardware of the machine you are installing onto?



The problem occurs on any Windows XP or Windows 7 32 bit machines. As indicated in earlier post, the message you get tells you the install doesn’t support your processor type. Installing version 1.1 does seem to work for Windows 7. I still have some XP clients and need an Outlook Plugin that works in that environment as well. Thanks. RT