Outlook Plug and 2FA (Exchange365 Cloud)

I’m considering moving to SuiteCRM but I’m seeing lots of comments about issues with the Outlook Plug and Microsoft 2FA etc when linked to Outlook 365 on Exhange365 for Business Cloud hosting (our specific setup) …
Is this set of issues now resolved or reliable and robust work arounds in place?
It’s key to know that emails will sync both ways seamlessly AND contacts will sync too
Really appreciate confirmation that this can be done without major issues.
Many thanks

There is a significant improvement to emails configuration coming in soon, probably in the next version. This will be a game-changer in terms of Microsoft Oauth logins.

So, I’d say, wait just a bit longer and then run some tests.

Thanks, good to know. Is there an ETA at all? 2023 for sure? a Qx?
Just want to start running tests on the CRM but not if the email integration is missing

The PR has been proposed but it’s not merged yet. PRs sometimes take years to get merged.

However, this was a 2 or 3 weeks sprint by the lead developer, I am 99% sure it will be merged and released very soon.

You can keep an eye on it there on Github.