Outbound Personal emails sent "from" the recipient address


Ive seen similar issues listed before but they seem to be on older versions of suitecrm

Ive set up a personal mailbox for sending/receiving - lets call it mail@domain.com with a From name of “My Name at My Company Limited”

I send a test email in from a personal account of me@personal.com and “import it” onto my personal account within suitecrm

I then go to the email in suitecrm and reply, choosing to send from the “My Name at My Company Limited” email account

When it is received in the personal account it shows it came

From: me@personal.com mail@domain.com

i.e. its using my personal email address (the recipient email) instead of the “My Name at My Company Limited” as the from name

It is only the name that is the issue - the actual email address its coming from is the correct business one.

Is this something I can fix with a tweak somewhere ? Anyone else come across this on 7.10.7 ?

Ive seen an issue before about “Root User” coming through as a name but I think that was for the generic mailbox and not a user mailbox