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Im currently setting our copy of SuiteCRM. Spend some weeks studying the online Manual.
Now, I have a doubt, We are quite new to email marketing and such, but we understand the basics. We want to explore all our options with SuiteCRM.

About “Outbound Email Accounts” the User Online Manual doesnt clarify much, and says the “section si to be completed”

Email :: SuiteCRM Documentation

Can someone clarify me what this email accounts are for or, some article to point this out clearly?

I´ve read this one, but still cannot find a clear answer.

Things You Can Do With your SuiteCRM Bounce Handling Account - Fynsis

Thanks in advance people. Im amazed by SuiteCRM that im forgetting to work because I like to spend time exploring Suite.

I´ve found this on the Admin Online Manual:

See Outgoing Mail Configuration for instructions on setting up the default outgoing mail configuration.

“Other outbound accounts can be configured in addition to the default account for specific purposes, such as sending Campaigns. These can be set up from the Admin panel, under outbound accounts. If no other outbound accounts are configured, the default outgoing mail server account will be used.”

If that´s so… This configuration is not needed, if you have a System Email configured in “Email Settings”. If someone can just confirm, I´ll be glad.

Ye so the “System Outbound” you configure in the Email settings menu will do the job however you may want to added a second outbound specifically for marketing, which might have a different alias, that can be configured by changing the from name and address.

You can set up as many as you want so maybe you’ll end up with 2 or 3, for example one for system, one for marketing and one for support tickets. You really can choose to set it up as you like.

Any further questions or if you need more detail please let me know!


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Hi Mac!

Thanks for your answer.

It took me a while to fully understand… I have not much time neither, but I did it.
Outbound and Inbound, are email acc that mostly, are used for group stuff.

The personal accounts that I configured are Personal, and remiand in the Email User configuration. Im able to see the email from within the CRM, so any email that worth, can be attached to the history of a contact or lead.

I still have doubts about “Bounce” email… Is this just for campaing? Whats the importance of this email? Do need this email account to be configured in the server to be “accesible”?

Another doubt that I have… is the “system” account for internal email, about notifications and others… Is it weird to use the same account for email campaings? For example crm@domain.com, for delivering email campaings AND internal notifications? I would like to keep it simple by now…

Thanks in advance!