Out of the blue (did not do any prior configuration), Admin screen is suddenly inaccessible (just see a white screen)

Out of the blue (did not do any prior configuration), Admin screen is suddenly inaccessible (just see a white screen with the “Administration” red word and top menu bar, that’s all) => see screenshot “White_Screen_for_Admin_Screen.JPG”.

When I look at the source code for the page, it shows that it gets truncated after printing the “Administration” red word and related HTML tags => See screenshot “Last_Source_Lines_Truncated_Admin_Screen.JPG” and the truncated source code '“Admin_Index_Source.txt” (at the index.php?module=Adminitration&action=index screen).

I tried to drop the existing database and replace with an older one (which it worked then) and also replaced the application files with an earlier backup, but both to no avail. Also tried out the permissions setting fix described in https://suitecrm.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&view=topic&Itemid=508&catid=7&id=1534 , but this did not help.

I also tried increasing the PHP.ini max memory limit to 2048M (MB), but it did not help. Also, enabled the logging to be more verbose for PHP, but did not see anything helpful. Will paste the logs soon.

Turn error reporting on in your php instance. Or add this to the top your index.php file:


Also tried to fix it, thinking it was a permissions issue (based on what I have read from Google searches and forums), and tried to use the advice given in https://suitecrm.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&view=topic&Itemid=508&catid=7&id=1534 . However, it did not work.

Anyone else in this forum has this issue as well ? Could it be a certain SQL query got stuck and caused this? I tried replacing the database with an earlier working one, but I still had this same symptom (e.g. empty Admin screen except for the word “Administration”).

Sounds like you have messed up the instance with whatever your trying to do. But firstly try to find out what the error is as I said above.

Thanks Andrew. I have followed your advice and added those lines at the top of index.php and re-run the “Admin” screen. The resulting errors are attached as “Logs_Show_All.txt”. I am using Nginx and MariaDB. I set it up 1 month ago and it was working fine until I found the white screen on Fri, 12 Sept 2014.

Well there are no fatal errors showing there so I’m not sure I’m afraid.

Check ngnix log and DB log for errors (post here if you find any). Also you can download attached file and execute it in suiteCRM root. Script will do a quick rebuild and repair.