Our latest SuiteCRM 8.2 Beta 2 Release is now available!

Following on from our first SuiteCRM 8.2 release, we have now published the second release, which has focused on LDAP and SAML authentication, as well as changes to the Migration Process documentation and issue fixes, following feedback from the community.

We would therefore like to ask for your help once again, to test the migration process in as many various instances and setups as is possible, to highlight any pain points or issues you may find. As always we welcome all feedback and suggestions to help improve the migration or upgrade process.

For more information on what is included in the release and migration process, please use the links below

Downloads and Information

Release Notes

Migration Guide

Installation Guide

Upgrade Guide


Hello @g.martin

I have migrated 7.12.6 to 8.2 and when I am login and it gives me the below error
“Error occurred while fetching metadata”

Asif Khalyani

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The upgrade script does not work well for me.
no matter what i try for site_url add rewriteBase, i get a blank page and lots of apache error log entries…

‘/var/www/crm8/soap.php’ not found or unable to stat