OSTicket Integration

Hi everyone,
Does anybody knows if there is a Module or plugin in which it is possible to integrate osticket to suitecrm?


I am also looking for a solution to this or, any other open source helpdesk/ ticket system. Thank you.

I am also looking

Also looking for it, if anyone has.

I also need something like this. Has anyone come across a possible solution?

I’ve been working on one, I’m releasing the 1st version here really soon in the suitecrm store, but you can also browse to Integrate Osticket to Suitecrm

It’s written in Python and uses SQL queries from both systems to search and find users. Also creating a 3rd database to store aggregate info from both, which could also be used as a backup database for those just-in-case moments.

is there any video demo available for the Current Integration? The method you have used might be not easy for a System Admin who is not into Coding or has limited Knowledge of Servers. Is that Plug n Play or does that needs scripts to run ?
Per OSTicket documentation, that only Supports Create Ticket. API — osTicket 1.17.1 documentation

We might need to modify the API for two way sync and push CRM updates to OsTicket.

This is a big part of why I didn’t use the API right there, At present an installer has not been made, the money paid for the program is really for the time it takes to install it.
Everyone’s Stack might be a little different, for example, some may be running VM’s and some may be hosting on full hardware, that being said, its necessary to evaluate the situation and go from there.

The steps are something a tier2 or 3 tech might be best suited for.
0.5) make a clone of the server to test before moving to the live environment – while it has been built to protect from data loss or errors, it needs testing and its just good practice when working with your SQL server on that level.

  1. make an SQL user with all priv except grant, and allow login from only the applicable IP addresses. (this needs to be done with the OST and SCRM database)
  2. if running Linux add a cron task at regular intervals (Windows: task scheduler)
  3. The Python Program will build the SQL database it uses during its first run so you don’t need to make the DB.
  4. use the empty config file to fill in hostname/ip of each server and the logins for them. If using Linux, store this in a secure file with only root access (Root-read-only should work)
  5. Install Python 3.11 and use pip to install the relevant packages for the program.

edit for more detail:
If the demand is there I’ll work on adding 2-way updates it can be accomplished using sql, but right now I just don’t have the time. (the Osticket side has a WAY cleaner SQL data structure than SuiteCRM)