Ordering of lastname, firstname in Contacts and Users

Wondering if anyone can help. I have set the Name Display Format to ā€œLastname, Firstnameā€ in the profile settings area. When listing Tasks and Meetings for example, it display correctly as" Lastname, Firstname" in listview, however, custom modules that I create, it displays as ā€œFirstname Lastnameā€.

Also, with Assigned To field, the name is correctly displayed as ā€œLastname, Firstnameā€ however any created field that has the type ā€œRelateā€ of Module ā€œUserā€ displays as ā€œFirstname Lastnameā€.

Iā€™ve tried modifying /custom/modules/[customModule]/metadata/listviewdefs.php but canā€™t seem to work it out.

How about you ?
I have same problem.

Do you have solution?


change below
ā€˜db_concat_fieldsā€™ => array(
0 => ā€˜last_nameā€™,
1 => ā€˜first_nameā€™