Order by issue with Leads


I faced a strange behavior with default sorting in my Leads listview
Basically, SuiteCRM sorting all modules listview by date created
But my Leads module has strange behavior
But every time I opening Leads listview I see ‘sorted descending’ with the wrong icon and real sorted by ‘sorted ascending’

Please see the screenshot. It showed ‘sorted descending’ by in real it was ‘sorted ascending’
Also, it seems like ‘hardcoded’ even though I refresh the page, logout or change sorting by filter or clicked on the other column in the next time I opened Leads listview I see only my ‘wrong sorted’


Maybe anyone here was faced with a familiar issue
I have no errors in console or logs, suitecrm 7.15.18 / PHP 7.3
I have a lot of customizing my SuiteCRM include Leads module via Studio (add a new custom field, relationship, etc)

Hey there,

I assume you are still experiencing this?

I just wanted to let you know that this has been previously raised on the Github repository, so you can keep tabs on its progress:

(Assuming this wasn’t yourself that raised it!)



A have already seen this topic and left my comment there
This bug is still exist
Will wait for the progress…

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