Opt-out link not working

When creating an email template with opt-out link:
The {MESSAGE_ID} in the outgoing email is not replaced by the actual message ID, so the opt out doesn’t work!

Thank you for any suggestions :slight_smile:


Hi Jernej,

Can you detail how the link is formatted in the template? This may be related to the way the email template has been formatted.



Hello Will,

I have put the word “opt-out” at the end of the template and created a link (pressed the link button) with “http://externalurl.com/suitecrm/index.php?entry...entifier={MESSAGE_ID}

If I take a look at the template source it looks like this:


Should I do it some other way?

Best regards,


you need to create the opt out as in tracker sub panel on the Campaigns detail view,

when done go into the email marketing Edit View which has you email template, then editing the email from within there it shows the ‘Insert Tracker URL:’ function where you just select the opt out tracker you created and add it where appropriate

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I did create the opt-out in the tracker subpanel, however I totally missed the Edit view in the marketing campaign is different than the “standard” edit view in Email templates… Thank you, now my opt-out link works perfectly! :slight_smile: