oppotunity report - sum of all opportunities

I have my opp report created nicely now. How does one go about modifying the report so we can see the total sum of all opportunities?


is this in Kreports? If so that should be in the kreports documentation. There are also good youtube videos on how to use it.

No, this is in the default reports module in SuiteCRM. I will take a look at installing kreports.

Thanks - how would this be accessed?

Ah wait sorry it is no longer installed by default.

You would simply add a field as I have in the screen shot. This will sum all opportunity amounts,



Thanks Will - in my report that doesn’t provide a sum of all open opportunities, it just adds an additional column with the opp amount.

Have you set the sum function? This sums all opportunity amounts.



The screen cap shows how I have setup the report - I am unsure about the setting of the sum function.


Hi there,

You just need to set ‘Sum’ in the function drop down, and it calculates the opportunity amount. Bear in mind there is an Opportuntiy Amount and also an Amount field for opportunities. You may wish to try using both.

What version of SuiteCRM are you using?



I am a bit frustrated here…
I think it’s a disservice to not state upfront in SuiteCRM that the following functionality is not available out of the box. Or at a minimum git an estimate when they will be available.

Report Totals at the bottom of the Report (Also if you group records you should also by-definition have totals for each Group). If you want to have a total for the report you need to create a brand new report and then simply group all the records and sum. You might be able to physically cut and paste (i recommend Elmer’s glue) the Totals to the end of the detail report.

Having calculated fields inside a record. Sales * 10% = Commission. (also since we dont have default report totals…we obviously don’t have Report total calcuations (Total Sales * 10% = Total Commissions)

Have the ability to display the results of a query anywhere … report or dashlet regardless of the table used. For example …you cannot create a “global Variable” based on the query [Select * from projects where status = “in progress”]. Having this ability , even if you have to type out the Select statement inside a form would open up the system to alot of dashboard possibilities… along with a blank Dashlet that can dispaly these variables.

[/ol]Without this i simply have a electronic filing cabinet. I could print out the reports and calculate some of these by hand (remember calculators?) but that’s not a 21st Century solution.
IF i have to open the hood and recode then I would probably build a system from scratch.

I’ve spent a few months recommending the Suite CRM platform and mistakenly assumed things like this are part of the default install… Now i have to reconsider.

If ive missed something or some capability that i cannot see please let me know and i will appologize.

Another thing i want to do that i think should be baked into the default.

I have a module for Donation Accounts.
I have another module for Donations (transaction from Donor to Account)
I have another module for Allocations (transactions from Account to Project)

Each Donation record links to a single Donation Account
Each Allocation links to a single Donation Account.

If i want to see all Donations by Account (summed and grouped by Account) I can generate that based on the Donations
If i want to see all Allocations by Donation Account (summed and grouped by Account) I can generate that also based on Allocations table
To see both for each Account on one report line seems to be elusive.
That report would have to be based on the Donation Accounts with a total Donations sum and a total Allocation sum.

I suspect that will be possible in 7.2 BETA?