Opportunity probably (%) calculation

We were running SugarCRM CE v6.5.13 and when you were adding/editing an opportunity, the “Probability (%)” value was automatically set based on the “Sales Stage” value. We’ve moved to SuiteCRM v7.1.1 and this no longer occurs. I found this chunk of code in SugarCRM CE v6.5.13 that does not appear in SuiteCRM v7.1.1:

<script type="text/javascript">
prob_array = {"Prospecting":"10","Qualification":"20","Needs Analysis":"25","Value Proposition":"30","Id. Decision Makers":"40","Perception Analysis":"50","Proposal\/Price Quote":"65","Negotiation\/Review":"80","Closed Won":"100","Closed Lost":"0"};
document.getElementsByName('sales_stage')[0].onchange = function() {
if(typeof(document.getElementsByName('sales_stage')[0].value) != "undefined" && prob_array[document.getElementsByName('sales_stage')[0].value]
&& typeof(document.getElementsByName('probability')[0]) != "undefined"
) {
document.getElementsByName('probability')[0].value = prob_array[document.getElementsByName('sales_stage')[0].value];

I’m not all that familiar with the back end so I don’t know where the code came from and how to add it back to SuiteCRM. Thanks for any help.

Is this functionality in place for other people and I’ve somehow disabled it?

Problem solved. I was overriding the Opportunities view.edit.php file and unintentionally removed that script.

Hello staganyi,
Can you please tell me In wich file did you get this code?