Opportunity Probability Field Blank for new opportunities created

Hi, I was originally running SuiteCRM 7.x offline in an XAMPP server and it ran fine and would show the % probabilities for sales opportunities and automatically populate based on the sales stage. I later installed a clean fresh copy of SuiteCRM 8.2.4 on an apache server hosted on a website. I reimported the existing opportunities, accounts, leads, etc. and all looked good. Those also showed the sales probabilities correctly. However, for creating new opportunities, it would not link the sales probability to the sales stage, and it would leave the field at 0%. Thinking a new version may resolve this issues, today I upgraded from 8.2.4 to 8.3.0. The upgrade went fine. However, the issue still remains.

I have checked the sales probability and sales stage dom and nothing seems out of place there. Screenshots attached.