Opportunity is not showing in contact module in SuiteCRM

HI ,
I am using contact,lead and opportunity modules ,under the contact I have added subpanel module like lead and opportunity ,
In opportunity I have created one reated field on contacts ,when I create a opportunity I am adding the contact also like shown below.

Like shown above image I have created contact related ,there I can add contact ,
But problem is ,when I open that Contact ,under the contact there is a opportunity subpanel ,In that subpanel I am unable to see the opportunity which already created .

Note :under the contact If I create an opportunity in subpanel itself (Quick Create) ,I am able to see that opportunity but if I create in opportunity module I am unable to see.

Can any one help me what I have to do ,to see the opportunity under the contact module.


Hey there,

When you say you have:

Do you by chance mean through Admin->Studio->Opportunities->Fields->New Field->“Relate” type field?

If so, I don’t believe the “Relate” field will build a full relationship between the two modules.
(So, you won’t see the parent item on the selected record’s subpanels)

Rather, it behaves more as a reference/pointer to the selected record, as a one-way relationship.

(See the documentation for descriptions on fields)

You would likely have to create a custom relationship in Studio->Opportunities->Relationships to achieve a full link between both modules

(Although, as there is already a relationship between Contacts<->Opportunities out of the box, I’m not 100% sure how this would behave)

Or is your issue perhaps something else, and I’ve misunderstood?

@John ,thank so much for you response ,I will follow your instractions ,