Opportunity-drop down menu

Hello to everyone,

I would like to create a new field called "sales stages 1 " where everytime you choose a different sale stage,

to be a field where will be descripted the steps for this specific sale stage so to remind to salesmen

that for choosing this option of sales stages you have to do the following steps.And every time the saleman change the

sale stage to be an another field with instructions.( probably the text field with the instructions for each sale stage will be created by the admin and

will be locked so to not take any modifications from the end users and each sale stage will be connected with its unique instructions )

Is this possible in some way?

thanks in advance

You can do this with a custom field, yes, and then have a Workflow that updates the help text whenever the sales stage changes.

Another option is to do it with a bit of PHP code on the Detail view to just add the text (not necessarily inside a field).

Could you please describe it more detailed?

Thanks in advance

Were you able to create the custom field in Studio, and add it to the Detail view?

Does the custom field need PHP code at first?


No, just go in Admin / Studio, select the module, select “Fields” and add it. This creates the field in the database.

Then, in the same module in Studio, go into the Detail view and add the field to that screen.

Save and deploy.

Admin / Repairs / Quick Repair and Rebuild

Than you can work on the workflow to give values to that field…