Opportunity and Product issue

First off, thanks a ton for such a amazing product. Both creators and contributors.

My query is, about opportunity and the opportunity amount being calculated on the products added.
I don’t know if there is a thread already for this. I have been searching all over for the same for over one week now and am not able to get anywhere.

Would appreciate if someone can point me on what to be done, to achieve this.

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Hi @designer,

Welcome to the community! :tada:

Could you provide more information regarding your issue?

thanks a lot for your response @Mac-Rae

what i am looking for:

When i am adding a opportunity, i need to add a product(which i have already added in products). The Added product should autofill the “opportunity amount” to the price filled in for that product.


Suppose i am selling 3 products

  1. Pencil Priced at $1
  2. Eraser Priced at $2
  3. Scale Priced at $3

And, i am adding a opportunity for Mr. ABC, i select the product as Eraser. The Opportunity amount should be automatically counted as $2.

I hope am clear with what am trying to achieve.
Thanks in advance.

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Think the quotes module is more like what your describing. After creating one you could manually or using a workflow create a opportunity and have them related that way. Or just cut out the middle man and relate directly to the account

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thank you again for your response @Mac-Rae

I have gone through the quotes module, and successfully created quotes. works like a charm.

What am trying to accomplish is in opportunities itself.

Where i will have a insight of all the opportunities i have and on which product. And what is the expected revenue i have with the already closed opportunities. What are the lost opportunities.
Insights on what is my total lost amount on opportunities etc.

So this has to be on the opportunities module only i believe.

Meaning, the product and the product price linked to the opportunity.

Hi @designer!

Perhaps the Opportunity Line Item add-on might help you?

By the way, I have opened a thread myself on the add-on a few minutes ago, asking whether it is safe or not to use it.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response @coccoinomane and am sorry for the delay in replying.

Yes, i have seen the add-on. But that has additional features, which i dont believe is required for me at the moment.

Also, it costs about $250, after 30days of trial :smiley:

while, my requirement is just with 2 fields in opportunity.

About whether the addon being safe or not, i believe you can trust a addon that is featured in the suitecrm store. Am sure it must have gone through some quality testing. Also the addon has good reviews.

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This would be a simple code customization, in one of 2 ways

  1. An after_save logic hook that does the lookup on the Products table and copies the value into some new custom field in Opportunity. This is easier but you would only see the updated value after saving the Opportunity.

  2. The same, but working from Javascript injected into the Opp edit view. This is a bit harder (though still easy for someone experienced), but it would work directly from the UI, and you would immediately see the result.

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Thank you for your response @pgr

I checked about the logic hooks. It should be fine if the opportunity amount is updated after save.
Can this be achieved through the GUI relationships and fields? or Does it need Coding bit to get there?

Also now i have a twisted situation. Which i am not able to figure out a work around.

If i am adding a opportunity for Mr. ABC, i select the product as Eraser. And suppose the quantity of the erasers is 5. I Need a way know that the opportunity includes 5NOs of that product. And also the Opportunity amount should be automatically counted as $2 x 5NOs = $10.

So add a couple of custom fields to Opp module: Item and Item Qty for the quantity.

Then in an after_save logic hook you can

  • Look up the item in Products table, and grab its price
  • Multiply by the quantity
  • Store in Opportunity amount field and save.

Maybe you need to refine the way to look up the product (from a part number, or from an actual text name, whatever fits your case).

This would only allow one product per Opportunity, of course. For multiple entries you would be better off using the add-on.

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@pgr Thank you for your response.

Makes sense. It can be applied only for product at a time.

It sounds like a tricky situation to be able to make full use of the CRM for this purpose.

Because it will still be called a opportunity before the sale is won or lost.
So there has to be a way to find where we stand with winning or losing the opportunity.
To have clear insights on total opportunity and opportunity amount won or lost, so that we can work on it with a better plan the next time.

Purchasing the addon will be my very last option. :smiley:

Maybe it’s easier for you to look at it the other way around. Work from the Quotes module, since that already has a proper line items support.

If necessary, add Quotes “status” or other custom fields to tell them apart from other kinds of Quotes.

Maybe you can do everything you need from there. If not, if you still think you need the opportunities module, think of it more as an historical module, to track what has been happening in quotes. For example, when closing a Quote you could copy just the total amount and close date to Opportunities to be able to generate Reports from there.


@pgr thank you for your response and helping me think of it in a different way.

I guess that should work fine. Would need a couple of fields and Filters. and also reporting for the same.

Probably i can also create relationship with calls and activities to keep a log of the followups and stuffs.

I Will think of the flow and run this way for few days, and get back to you on how its going.

Thanks a zillion ton for all the pointers. @Mac-Rae @coccoinomane @pgr