Opportunity Amount - Probability - Expected Revenue


In our old CRM system also existed the fields “Opportunity Amount” and “Probability”.

But there was a third field called “Expected Revenue” which consisted of “Opportunity Amount” X “Probability” / 100.

So when for example Opportunity Amount was 10000 USD and Probability was 40 %, than Expected Revenue indicated 10000*40/100 = 4000 USD.

Is there an easy way how to do this in SuiteCRM ?

Writing a logic hook to do this would be quite simple, unfortunately Workflow doesn’t cater for this at the moment so a logic hook would be the easiest option imo.

First create an Expected Revenue field in Opportunities via Studio. Then create a logic hook file in custom/modules/Opportunities (simple how to here.

The function you would be looking to write would be something like:

function expectedRevenue($bean, $event, $arguments) 
        $bean->expected_revenue_c = ($bean->amount * $bean->probability) / 100;

Good luck.



Wonderful way to do it ,
i didn’t see this post a week ago so i did it with workflow as follow