Opportunities with multiple milestones

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Is it possible to create an opportunity with multiple milestones with associated revenue to it? Any suggestions on how to go about with it?

i think you are looking for a self relationship for Opportunities, check the Reports To field in contacts or Member of in Accounts.
They are very similar to what you need.

Hi thank you for the answer but my question is more like is it possible to create somehow a “super deal” or some way we can track the entire possible company revenue we can achieve VS tracking multiple deals against one company?

Looks like you need a query based subpanel which can query multiple opportunties for same lead and can show summary of what you need. make sense?
if that is the case , you can use this thread to create a new fake subpanel.

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We can have a Total Company Revenue field in the Company module and when ever there are opportunities added for that company, the total revenue value will be updated. So you will always have all the Opportunities Sum available in the Company Revenue field.

We had a client with a similar requirement for Opportinities and multiple milestone revenue

We used this plugin :slight_smile: