Opportunities Dashlet

I just want to create a dashlet showing all of my current opportunities in date order, I can see a top ten dashlet option but nothing ever shows up in the dashlet.
can anyone tell me how to create a new dashlet with this in or what i need to take out of the top 10 dashlet to enable a system wide view.
thanks in advance

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but the “My” prefix in the dahslets names means that it selects only records “assigned to” you. Maybe that’s why you aren’t seeing them (if they aren’t assigned to you, that is).

You can click the “Pencil” icon at the top of the dashlet to edit the way the records are filtered. You can turn off that “My items” only checkbox to make every record show (tip: when you do this, and plan to leave it like that, it’s a good idea to also edit the title and remove the “my”).

Does this help?

Hi, thanks for that tip but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t show any opportunities. At the moment there are only a couple on the CRM as it is being newly setup but it will not show any of them. :frowning:

What about the “Sales stage” of those opportunities? If they are at “Closed lost” or “Closed won”, they won’t show by default.

You can select the relevant Sales Stages to show when editing the Dashlet.

If this doesn’t solve it please tell me also your version of SuiteCRM and PHP.

Thanks, I will look at this today :slight_smile: