Opensource community of FREE modules / extensions for SuiteCRM

Hello Guys
Is there an opensource community of FREE modules / extensions for SuiteCRM?

The SuiteCRM Store has a section for free plugins

Then you will easily find in Google the sites of some add-on makers who offer some free add-ons, alongside their commercial offers.

You can download free extensions from here as well.

Here is an article to a good theme I found:
TechBlue theme

this just broke my 8.3 installation, need to be careful of these free extnsions.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your feedback.
I am sorry to hear about this. Would you like to share more details on
It is always advised that any new program/extension must be tried on the development copy of CRM.

Can you pls detail all the steps to manually remove Activity Monitor Configuration. It has crashed my site, and I’ve removed the folders from modules etc but I can still see it in the administration page.