Open Items Filtering

Does anyone know what Suite CRM uses to determine “Open” items when filtering? When I select that option, it seems to show everything in the database. I should point out that all records have been imported directly into the database at this point (I am currently transitioning from Salesforce).

I don’t know what you mean by “open items”.

Which module are you working with? Which screen are you looking at?

It does the same in any module. Click Accounts, Contacts, Leads,… there is a small filter icon. If you click it, “OPEN ITEMS” is one of the choices. It doesn’t seem to do anything. I’m curious what it is filtering on. I would attach some screen shots, but I can;t seem to get the “Add File” button to work on here…

Ah ok. “Open” should be referencing some status field on each record. For example, Cases can be closed at some point. Also, Leads have a status. But the actual query might vary from module to module and I don’t know exactly what the behaviour is, or should be.

If you use the other check-boxes, does it filter? So, “My favorites” should only show you items that you “starred”, and “My Items” should only show items assigned to you.

I ask because there was a bug in one of those check-boxes and I wonder if it’s still there.

the My Items checkbox seems to work. I figured it is filtering on a column, somewhere… I need to know which column so I can make sure the data is set correctly. It does not seem to care what the status field is (for example Lead Status in the leads database.)

This is how open is defined in Leads:

For other modules it will necessarily be different. You can customize that file to create your own filters.

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Thanks so much! That took care of it.