Open Email Tracking

Open Email tracking like Hubspot

So any email sent out would be able to alert SuiteCRM when the person reads it and/or clicks on a link etc

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the request is good.Good Point +

Yeah, count me in please. This will be awesome.

Doesn’t this exist already?

See (April 2021: this link is broken)

everything in SugarCRM up to version 6.5 should be part of SuiteCRM too.

Did you check the campaign reports?

pgr is correct, this functionality already exists - I know because I use it in my own campaigns.

Is it really existing? I dont want to use it as a functionality of mass mailing.

If i send custom mails to my accounts i don`t think this functionality is existing?
This will be great to have… Hubspot is doing it very well here and this is state of the art sales functionality i think.

Anyone else with ideas?

How to configure the CRM suite with HubSpot to have this trace?

Did anyone ever getting this type of functionality working?


In hubspot, all links in the email body are automatically converted to tracked links. No extra effort needed like the case of suiteCRM where you need to manually configure every link to make it trackable.

I am new to suiteCRM and my first impression is that the tracking of emails exists only in the campaigns. I have an email template that I am sending manually to one user at a time, when needed.
In that case, (email templates -> edit one of them) I do not see a way to add the tracking links, nor the unsubscribe link.