Opacus Thunderbird add-on: SuiteCRM 7.7 / TB v45 compatibility?

Hi All,

Specifically regarding the “SugarCRM Thunderbird Integration (for SugarCRM 6.2+)” v1.0.2 add-on (“Pro”), is anyone using this with SuiteCRM 7.7 and Thunderbird v45 and can confirm it works?

(Incidentally, Opcaus’ support forums look entirely moribund, which makes me question the future of this add-on.)


Using the standard version on Tbird 45.2 and it works perfectly.

And I agree. Opacus’s commitment to this is paper thin. But the source code is available for the standard version so should be maintainable.

Hi Greg,

That’s great to know, thanks for the confirmation – enough to renew the license for one more year. (I emailed Opacus but I don’t expect to receive a reply any time soon.)