Opacus SugarCRM Thunderbird Extension

I don’t understand the relationship between the add-on and SuiteCRM and I’m hoping someone can set me straight…
.Solydk (Debian 8.1 Jessie)
.SuiteCRM 7.2.2
.Thunderbird 38.2.0
.Opacus SugarCRM Thunderbird Extension Standard 1.6.1

New messages are received/downloaded into the Thunderbird POP3 client. When the email is opened in Thunderbird I don’t see anything that indicates it is related to the existing contact with the same email address.
Is the message also supposed to appear in the SuiteCRM email queue? If so, what should happen to the message in the Thunderbird queue if you deleted the same one from the SuiteCRM queue? And vice-versa?

Thanks in advance.

Opacus archives your emails to SuiteCRM. When open up the lead or contact you can see the e-mail communication in your history. This allows you to review the communication with a customer or prospect even if he had communicated with a co-worker.

In thunderbird archived e-mails have a different color. You can activate Opacus auto-archive or archive every e-mail manually.

Hi tlll, thanks for taking the time to answer.

I don’t see any color difference between In box and Archived messages; what should I look for?

There is a folder SuiteCRM created with the default name My Archived Emails; is this pointing to the Thunderbird/Opacus Archives folder?

Also, this past week an existing SuiteCRM contact sent me an email received by my web mail(provider), SuiteCRM and Thunderbird In folders but not doesn’t show in the contact history. My reply to it shows in the web mail, SuiteCRM and contact history but not in Thunderbird.


Make sure that you use the right archive button. There is one that says “archive to sugar” and one thunderbird archive button that just moves the e-mail to your thunderbird archive.

You can also enable the opacus auto archive function in that case you don’t have to do anything as long as the cutomer e-mail matches the one you have on file in your CRM.

There is a button for selected/open emails that says “Import to Sugar” that when pushed offers Relate and Assign options. I just received another message from an existing contact that should have been auto-related to him but wasn’t. When I reply the replied message gets related. Is there an Inbound email setting that needs correcting?

Go to Tools > Opacus Sugar CRM Settings. Under “Advanced” check “Enable auto archive for inbound mail”. That should do the trick. If you don’t have this feature enabled you have to manually archive each email.

The Tools > Opacus Sugar CRM Settings “Advanced” option doesn’t offer “Enable auto archive for inbound mail”. Is it only offered in the Pro version? I am using the free edition, and if this is correct then I might need to get the Pro version. I do see the color change of the archived messages in Thunderbird.

I think I’m getting a bit better understanding of the structure. When I ‘Import to Sugar’ a message from the SuiteCRM InBox, then delete the message from the InBox without archiving it in Opacus, it still shows in the SuiteCRM contact history and can be opened. If SuiteCRM is IMAP, where is it pointing in order to be able to open the message contents?

I’m really hoping someone can explain this to me.

To recap, a message received from an existing contact I ‘Archived to Sugar’ in SuiteCRM. With Thunderbird/Opacus(free) still closed, I deleted the message from my email provider. Then I opened Thunderbird/Opacus where there was as expected no copy of the message, as it was deleted before the Thunderbird POP3 client was open and could download it.
Why can I still open the message in SuiteCRM if it is an IMAP client? Where does the message now reside?

Thanks for any further responses.

If you use the opacus plugin then there is no need to set up the imap configuration in SuiteCRM. Both are intended to do the same thing.

Till, I do appreciate your numerous replies, and I do not want to appear ungrateful or disrespectful. But I have asked a specific question several times and your answers have been instead bits of product description.

I asked where does the physical message reside if not downloaded or visible in Thunderbird/Opacus, was removed from my webmail account but still accessible in SuiteCRM - you again didn’t tell me; essentially saying “Don’t worry about it.”

Anyone else, please?