One-click unsubscribe headers required by google & Yahoo


it appears that as of February 1st, Google and Yahoo will implement additional measures to prevent and reduce SPAM.

As described in the article Email sender guidelines - Google Workspace Admin Help -per-day, one of these measures is the requirement to implement one-click unsubscription.

The implementation of unsubscription in one click, as described in the article Email sender guidelines - Google Workspace Admin Help, obliges the incorporation of 2 elements in the header.
Currently only an unsubscribe link is included by default at the end of the email body.
Are there plans to include these elements in the header in the short term?
Any suggestions on how to include these items?


There are probably no plans whatsoever :slight_smile:

Can you post the source code of an email produced by SuiteCRM, and point to where that new header should go, and what it should contain?

I’m actually working on this! :saluting_face:


It would be great if you can share some code.


we are talking aboyt the genearl header of email messages. It would be something like

You can read the proposed standard at RFC 8058 - Signaling One-Click Functionality for List Email Headers.
The actual remove entry point, probably, would be sufficient as post address
List-Unsubscribe: <
List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click

Is that email source produced by SuiteCRM? My point in asking for it was to go look for the place in the code that writes that. But if Chris is already working on it, I’m probably not needed here.

A Pull Request is coming very soon! With a few commands, you’ll be able to test it on your Suite 7 and confirm Campaigns Unsubscribe will be working again - not giving false unsubscribes because the crawlers are checking the links for malware, as they currently are doing!

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I uploaded my Fix. Microsoft, Gmail, and Yahoo mail services should no longer be instantly auto unsubscribing your Email Campaign’s and Newsletter’s Targets, Leads, and Contacts!
Here’s how to get the Fix, apply it on your Suite 7.14.2 test server, and test it works:

  1. Run these commands, this will download and apply the fix to your test server:
sudo apt -qqq update && sudo apt -y install wget git  #On Debian/Ubuntu based Linux.
su suiteusername  #the username account the suite app is running under.
cd /home/suite7142test/public_html  #base directory of suite 7.14.2 test.
git apply 10334.diff
  1. Make sure an Outgoing Email account, an Inbound Email box, and a Bounce account, are configured.
  2. Make a Target, Lead or Contact with one of your personal Gmail or Yahoo email addresses not registered as a CRM user’s email address on the CRM (don’t use any email address of any of the CRM users).
  3. Add your Target, Lead, or Contact to a new Target List.
  4. Create a Campaign, let it use this Target List.
  5. Select an email template.
  6. Make sure the email template has a “Remove Me” opt-out link among the Tracker links.
  7. Schedule your campaign to send a few minutes in the future.
  8. After a few minutes, when your campaign has sent that email, check your Gmail or Yahoo email account Inbox from step 2 above.
  9. You should soon see a new campaign email message in your Inbox, sent by your CRM server’s System Outgoing email account.
  10. Open it. Look for a new “Unsubscribe” link, located at the top of the message near the From, To, Subject headers.
  11. Click it to test the unsubscribe. It should take at most a couple of seconds to unsubscribe you. You should remain inside the web email service’s browser tab while the webmail app unsubscribes you by communicating directly with your CRM server.
  12. Go to your CRM tab on your browser. Go to your Target List. Verify your “person” on this Target List (your email address) status is now opted-out (unsubscribed) from this Email Campaign.
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Gonna test it ASAP.