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Once a day task reminder workflow?

Sorry for the delay.

I’ve disabled scheduled reporting and now I got the email notification… now the issue is… when I have repeated runs enabled, I get an email every time cron runs. If I disable repeated runs - then I get a single email, not a daily reminder.

How do I create the workflow to send an email 1 time per day if the task is not completed?


As Will said earlier in this thread, Currently there is no support for recurring workflow tasks, i.e: Daily Workflow firing

There would be ways to do a workaround for this, such as having your cron job run once a day, but this may not be ideal.

You could also possibly create a True/False checkbox field that stores if a record has been has fired upon today, but you would manually need to change it back to False each day.

Another possibility may be to add an Action to the workflow to Modify Record, and increase a Task’s “Date Modified” by 24 hours so that it fits inside the Conditions again and shouldn’t fire for another 24 hours. However, this too may not be ideal as the Data modified would be constantly changed.

Is this on the road map

Is this on the road map?

How about running it directly from cron? Is there a work around?

I suggest you to have a look at the following example and adapt it to your need. It shouldn’t be too difficult.


It’s more than 6 years now on this topic. I think this feature is still not available on SuiteCRM.

I have created an installable module to do it. Of course, you have to change it as per your requirement but it will enable basic email notification where the task due date is equal to or greater than today.

You can download it from here Send a daily email reminder of pending tasks in SuiteCRM - SpecScale

Once you install the package from the admin panel you will see this schedule.

Here is the email you will get:

We haven’t used any third-party service or plugin. We are doing it by simply adding a custom scheduler.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help.


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Hi @Prafull_Satasiya, thanks for this!

I don’t have a chance to try this just now, but I am curious, what was the approach you used? A custom scheduled task? Or something to reset the workflow’s “repeated runs” records?

Hi Prafull_Satasiya

It’s excellent that you’ve shared with the community a potential problem solver.

One thing you may not be aware of (apologies of you are already aware):

  • some (many?) people will be reluctant to download and run some software from a website new to them - for good, security protection reasons.
  • they may be especially reluctant to have to give their email address on your website, before they can download the code - or even see any screenshots or further details.

So you may find more people benefiting from your generous help if you posted it to say GitHub - so people can see your source code easily and check it for security.

It’s not hard to badly break SuiteCRM with combinations of local customisations and external modules - cauitious/sensible users like to research first.

Also - other things that will increase interest from forum readers

  • show screenshots of it in use
  • show a history of other users having asked support questions and got an answer
  • give explicit screenshots / instructions to help users understand what you mean by “Of course, you have to change it as per your requirement” -as that could either mean ’ it’ll take hours to even get a simple use case running’ -or at the other end of the scale: “it works out of the box but you can customise further.” !!

Hope you don’t mind my suggestions: good code snippets are an asset to a community.

Thanks, @pgr, and @DJuser

I have updated the original post. I am not using any third-party service. It’s pure SuiteCRM code and added it by creating a custom scheduler.

I tried to make it simple and easy to use for all by creating an installable package.


Hello, I tried to click on the mentioned link but when placing the email it is generating ajax error and the download link is not being sent.

Hey @cloudcon

Please check now. It’s working now.