Office 365 Suite v 7.10.7 Ubuntu 16.04

Can successfully receive email from the test function in settings, however, when using the compose email feature in the Activities subpanel, I get “Error Sending Email. Please contact your administrator for assistance.” I have been through many posts and everything appears correct. Logs aren’t giving me any indication as to what the issue is. Fields are all populated in the compose window and everything works except “Send”.

IMAP is enabled
Connector created for Domain and IP in Office 365. I can retrieve my mail to SuiteCRM.

I think it is critical to know which problem your SMTP is encountering.

Uncomment this line and check (in the logs, when sending test email) that the values are correct just before being sent to the server:

Next, uncomment these lines to get an extensive log of your SMTP interaction with the server. It should provide you with an exact error.

I figured it out. Had to enable users to use system email for outbound instead of their individual settings. Didnt realize this had to be enabled. Still shows as sent from correct user so I’m good with that

Thanks for takin the time to respond :slight_smile:

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