Office 365 Integration

Our company uses Office 365 for email. I have set up a distribution group in Office 365 with members of the sales team in the distribution group. Using the email address I have set up works fine when sending from any client except I cannot get SuiteCRM to use this distribution group. It doesn’t have authentication because it is a DG, SuiteCRM just fails to send saying unauthorised to send on such and such an email address

Just checking but when you set up the DG did you select ‘Let people outside of your organization send email to this group’. If you don’t select this, only people in your organization can send email to this group.

I’m sure that each organisation differs but we use a separate user account for Suitecrm which is set up in each outlook profile as an additional account. This is the same on their mobile handsets. This allows us to send email and interact with Office365 from a number of alias email addresses, on which I can create rules.

I know that Office365 integration is on the roadmap. and I will most likely change the way I have it configured when this is available.