Of Mac OS X supports SuiteCRM?

hello, suitecrm can be installed in OS X 10.10? thanks :pinch:


10.5 : yes
10.6 : yes
10.7 : yes
10.8 : yes
10.9 : yes
10.10 : yes

Just need to install IMAP.SO module can be downloaded from http://topicdesk.com
You can too adapt php version from here : http://php-osx.liip.ch
But you will have a issue with Mysql… ‘can’t login…acces denied’ i have not resolved this.
Solution for me :
install mysql with Homebrew

This is my todo for :

install node js
install imap.so
install brew
install mysql with homebrew
install sequel pro

change php.ini for SuiteCRM setting and IMAP.so module


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