ODBC with Access 2016- suitecrm local installed- W10Home

I was working with MSaccess 2013 and made an ODBC connection to SuiteCRM on my local c-Drive. That was working fine.

I did create also with ODBC for connecting Crystal Reports Xi for SuiteCRM, and that is working fine.

HOWEVER, trying to make the same ODBC via “EXTERNAL DATA ODBC” in MsAccess 2016 not working anymore
I installed driver 5.3.4 and getting an error,…see attachment / below

“”“The specific DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and App”""""

Some days earlier (with Access 2013) the "Get External Data ODBC"in Access 2013 was working good.

I installed the new Office 2016 on new installed Win 10 Home and now this "Get External Data"in Access 2016 NOT working,although
i use the same parameters.

Any Ideas/help ?


Matter solved ! it was the different Language English vs. Dutch. It should be always apparently the same Language.