ODBC error 126 when Installing MySQL

I have local installed LOcal C:\Bitnami SuiteCRM 7.6.4 and working fine.
Trying to install MySQL for driver , but always get an error126 etc.

In the past with all the same programs, I did not have this problem. I have vcredist_x86 installed
and Visual Studio C++2010.
I have Windows10 Pro.UK Version.

It is "missing myodbc5S.dll, but that is indeed in the
Prog Files 85 My Sql/connector, some 8 dlls the 5S, 5a etc.

I see MySQL ODBCC 5.3 ANSI Driver (and others) in Admin,Tools but upon clicking it give that error 126…

Please help me

Matter is solved, Trying many times and suddenly it is OK.