ODBC Connection Missing Fields? Help?


I’ve created my suite database, and added a load of accounts all good.

I now want to refresh these on a daily basis and realise I need to pull out the id within accounts to ensure that I don’t keep creating x copies of the same account so that it updates the existing account.

BUT… I’ve created a mysql odbc connection and it doesn’t seem to include all of the fields in the accounts file that i get back.

For example there is no email field, which is one of the default fields, and my account number field which is a custom field is not included BUT other custom fields I have created and imported are included. I’m confused … So I’ve created WG_AccountNumber in accounts as a field it shows up when I try to manually export it, but in my odbc connector the field isn’t there? Is there something I need to do to tell the system to allow all fields to be visible, or am i being silly and even though it says accounts it’s storing it in another table within the database? As what I need is this account number, and the ID and I can use my qlik server to ensure that they are added to the data I get out of our ERP System.

Just so you know what I did was log onto the database and give a new user permissions for the database. As below.


I also tried logging on as root and had the same results so yeah the user I setup seems to be correct. I just don’t understand why it only sees some of the accounts fields.

There are 42 fields in total in my accounts module, and 28 of them are system fields, and the odbc connector can see 33 of the fields.


If you added fields to the Accounts module, you should have a new table in the DB - accounts_cstm.

This new table will contain the new added fields. The records on both tables have the common ID.

Hope this help.


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I was confused as I could see some of our custom fields in the acounts table, but those must have been ones where i’d tweaked existing fields. All the new fields are here. Thank you for your help.