Objectives module for SuiteCRM

Hello all

We would like to add an “Objectives” feature to our SuiteCRM instance. I mean, for our sales force we would like to add/create some kind of module where we can define the “avg of calls per month to Accounts”, “the total Sales/oportunities won per cycle/month”,… etc… Assign these objectives to a team or to a member (sales rep)… being able to see the progress of each objective in a dashboar in the home section, or at least in a report that would need to be run.

We are checking to see if there is already a module we could use to set up these objectives and follow their progress. Any suggestions?


I never heard of any module for this… I assume you already searched the SuiteCRM Store?

You can check out SuiteCRM Store for any custom Plugins available that meet your requirements. If Not then you have to do these customisations via developer to achieve it.

The Sales Quota module, available on SuiteCRM Store would be able to help you for “the total Sales/oportunities won per cycle/month”.
But it does not support “avg of calls per month to Accounts”.

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