Number series for invoices

We have several projects and I would need to issue invoices for individual projects in separate numbers. The number series should look ideal eg 10202000001.

Now I have one series and it makes the problem subsequently in accounting with project resolution.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Hi @rapon,

Could you give more detail here? I’m confused as to what your attempting to do.

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We have several projects such as books, hardware, training and some other services. 8-10 different projects in total. Accounting requires for each project invoices with separate series, ie for books eg 102020001, for hardware 122020001 etc.

In CRM I have set the numbering 20200001 etc., but I can not insert the prefix of the project into the invoice number, ie two digits before 20200001 …

Not sure the best way to do this, I assume you could muck about with concatenating the prefix within the quotes modules. @pgr any thoughts?

before_save Logic hook, running only on new records, replacing the invoice number before saving.

You can use whatever logic you want, check the type, run an SQL query to get the MAX of the numbering used so far, increment and set it.

Thanks. But this is form me big programing :confused:

Can you get some money to pay for it? There are people doing work by hour, some of them here on the forums, some on

This should be a short work, you might get it done for 30 or 60 USD.

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Yes, I’ll look at some external programmers. Thank you.